Video Gallery

Over our 60+ years in business, Faustel has developed a vast array of coating, laminating, and winding capabilities for the converting industry. We have successfully completed a wide variety of projects for our customers, most of whom were looking for ways to expand capabilities and realize more flexibility from their converting equipment. We invite you to take a look at some of the equipment we have developed in the video gallery below. Stay tuned for a compilation of videos that reveal some of our many solutions.

PerfectStart Rewind Transfer

PerfectStart is a patented core-to-core transfer system that allows a running web to transfer to a new core on the fly.

Coating & Laminating Line Assembly Time-lapse

Faustel’s 105″ coating and laminating line and its precision engineering is meticulously assembled and thoroughly tested.

Cartridge Coater

View the ease of connecting and disconnecting a coating module from our Cartridge Coater.

Cartridge Coater Sleeve Change Process

The Faustel cartridge coater with sleeve roll provides flexibility and quick changeover for many types of coating operations.

Intermittent Patch Coating

This coating process has the ability to produce at variable speeds up to 100fpm and has digital control of patch length.

Custom Coating Solution

Faustel collaborates with Iowa-based medical manufacturing company, Katecho, to create a customized hydrogel coating solution for wound care.