Part 6: Expander Web Spreading Rollers

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Expander Web Spreading Rollers Operate Successfully in Traction

Expander Web Spreading Rollers

Figure 8 – Expander Web Spreading Rollers

Expander Web Spreading Rollers, as seen in Figure 8, have shells that stretch outward from the centerline as the web transits from the ingoing to outgoing tangents. In one version, cam operated half-width slats slide at their junction in the middle. Another version has numerous elastomeric bands connecting across the width to adjustable cams on each end. Finally, another variant has a very flexible cover attached to the end cams and supported elsewhere by bristles mounted on a central shaft. One very unusual characteristic of these spreaders is that they operate successfully in traction, sliding or even transitions between traction and sliding. However, these spreaders can be speed limited and geometrically crude.

Web Spreading Rollers

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