Part 5: Dual Spreader Rollers

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Dual Spreader Rollers used on Narrow Slit Webs

Dual Bowed Spreader Roller

Figure 6 – Dual Bowed Spreader Roller

There are several types of Dual Spreader Rollers that are occasionally used for the spreading of narrow slit webs. The Dual Bowed Spreader Roller, as seen in Figure 6, consists of two bowed rollers pointing perpendicular to the ingoing and outgoing web runs. The amount of spread may be adjusted by pivoting the spreaders or by changing bow magnitudes.

Pos-Z Spreader Roller

Figure 7 – Pos-Z Spreader Roller

The Pos-Z Spreader Roller, as seen in Figure 7, consists of two air float bars pointed upstream. Finally, another version is a Bowed Spreader Roller followed by a D-Bar Spreader Roller. The dual spreader rollerss operate by entirely different principles than their single element counterparts.

Web Spreading Rollers

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