Modular Coating Line (MCL): Coating Methods

Coating Modules are interchangeable so the Modular Coating Line (MCL) can be configured for a variety of coating methods that satisfy a broad range of applications. The MCL’s modular construction with integral drive and control cabinets for each component makes future reconfiguration easier and reduces field installation time and expense. Coating modules can be configured for roll coating or slot-die coating using water, solvent, or hot-melt coating methods.*

MCL Coating Methods

MCL Standard Coating Module Configurations

MCL-600 Comma Roll Coating Module

Comma Roll Coating

MC-600 Reverse Roll Coating Module

Reverse Roll Coating

MCL-600 Slot Die Coating Module

Slot Die Coating

MCL-600 Yoke Coating Module with Mayer Rods

Yoke Coating Module
w/Mayer Rods

MCL-600 Direct Gravure or Offset Gravure with Enclosed Applicator View

Direct or Offset Gravure
w/Enclosed Applicator View

MC-600 Direct Gravure or Offset Gravure with Doctor Blade

Direct or Offset Gravure
w/Doctor Blade

MCL-600 Direct Gravure or Offset Gravure with Polishing (Smoothing) Bar

Direct or Offset Gravure
w/Polishing (Smoothing) Bar

* Optional equipment may be required.