LabMaster Lamination Modules

LabMaster Lamination Modules are interchangeable so the LabMaster can be configured to satisfy a broad range of applications. The Dry Bond Roll Laminator is standard and a Wet Bond Roll Laminator is optional. Lamination modules can be added at any time.

The base LabMaster configuration includes two unwinds, roll coating module, 3-meter dryer, dry bond roll laminator module with chill rolls, and rewind with integrated drives and controls. An additional 3-meter dryer zone can be ordered with the machine or added at any time.

Lamination Modules

Laminating Machines Dry Bond Laminator Lamination Modules

Dry Bond Laminator

Laminating Machines Wet Bond Laminator Lamination Modules

Wet Bond Laminator

The LabMaster Pilot Line is ideally suited for process development and narrow web converting. The LabMaster can be used for small-volume production, product development, and to experiment with various combinations of substrates and coatings making coating operations more versatile and flexible. The LabMaster functions as a narrow web production machine for those whose needs fall within the capability of the design. We have a demonstrator in our Technology Center to help with this determination

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