Modular Coating Lines are Pre-engineered for Low Cost & Quick Delivery

Modular Coating Lines use pre-engineered components. A complete line, even with the amount of customization available, can be delivered quickly and produced at a lower cost than an equivalent machine produced from completely customized drawings, without sacrificing quality.



R&D Coater/Laminator

The 150 mm TecMaster™ Lab/Pilot Coater is an ideal choice for laboratory and R&D work. It is a stand alone, mini lab line that includes two coating heads, two unwinds, dryer, laminator and rewind with integrated drives and controls. Whether you need product development or process validation, the TecMaster facilitates continuing R&D while not diverting valuable resources from production equipment. Learn More





LabMaster Pilot Coating Line

Narrow Web Production
& Pilot Coater/Laminator

The 300 mm LabMaster™ Pilot Coater is ideally suited for R&D and narrow web production coating/laminating. Pre-engineering allows Faustel to offer the LabMaster at an economical price, with a shortened delivery cycle. The LabMaster is a complete pilot line that includes two unwinds, dryer, dry bond laminator with chill rolls, and rewind with integrated drives and controls. Coating modules are interchangeable so the LabMaster can be configured for a variety of coating methods that satisfy a broad range of applications. Learn More


MCL-300™ & MCL-600

Production Level Coating/Laminating Line

MCL-600 Modular Coating Line

The Modular Coating Line (MCL) is available in 300 mm and 600 mm configurations and serves a variety of end-use applications. A wide range of coatings including solvent, aqueous, E-Beam and UV may be processed on the MCL with the available standard options offered. The modular design utilizes pre-engineered components. A complete MCL, even with customization, can be delivered quickly at a lower cost than an equivalent machine created using reconfigured custom drawings, all without sacrificing quality. Configuration flexibility makes the MCL highly adaptable to fit the needs of all markets. Learn More


A Coating Line For Every Process

TecMaster LabMaster MCL-300 MCL-600 Custom Line
Suggested Operating Range 0.1-2 m/min. 3-30 m/min. 2-200 m/min. 2-200 m/min. Custom
Roll Diameter 300 mm 300 mm 610 mm 610 mm 2400 mm
Max. Web Width 175 mm 356 mm 356 mm 635 mm 4040 mm