PerfectStart™ Core-to-Core Transfer System

PerfectStart™ is a patented core-to-core transfer system that allows a moving web to shift to a new core in one continuous movement without fold-back or wrinkles at the splice.

PerfectStare core to core transferPerfectStart’s no-fold-back splicing mechanism includes a special perforated cutting blade which tabs the web BEFORE the web reaches the new core. Even though the tail briefly contacts the adhesive on the new core, the internal strength of the web material is stronger than the adhesive, so the tail simply passes over the new core, continuing its usual route to the finished roll. However, when the partially severed section of the web reaches the new core, the adhesive forces overpower the strength of the tabs and rips them apart. The tail is free to be wound up on the finished roll, while the leading edge of the severed web becomes affixed to the new core. Because the final, complete severance of the web does not occur until the leading edge is pasted against the new core where it can be completely controlled, no-fold-back or wrinkles occur on the initial windings of the new core.

Other transfer systems splice the web after the new core allowing a small amount of fold-back on some applications. PerfectStart eliminates the need for complex deflection splicing systems and costly vacuum mechanisms that are difficult to operate on thick grades of web material or at speeds over 1,000 feet per minute. PerfectStart is adaptable for use in splicing a wide range of web materials on either high-speed or low-speed rewind operations.