Unwinding and Winding Machines

Unwinder Equipment Winder Machines

Shaftless Winder

Unwinding and winding equipment for…

  • Turret Roll Stands
  • Fixed or dual-position roll stands
  • Shafted or shaftless
  • Winding modes: centerwind, centerwind with lay-on roll density control and center/surface wind

Winding Machine Specifications

  • Materials: paper, film and foil
  • Web widths: 610 mm-3050 mm (24″-120″)
  • Speed: up to 610 meters/min. (2000 fpm)
  • Roll diameters: up to 2290 mm (90″)

Winding Machine Accessories

  • Roll loading/unloading equipment
  • Drives and controls
  • Shifting base edge guiding
  • Splicers and auto-transfer systems for continuous operation
  • No-fold rewind auto-transfers


PerfectStart No-Fold Rewind Auto Transfer System

PerfectStare core to core transferPerfectStart™ is a patented core-to-core transfer system that allows a moving web to shift to a new core in one continuous movement without fold-back or wrinkles at the splice.

PerfectStart’s no-fold-back splicing mechanism includes a special perforated cutting blade which tabs the web BEFORE the web reaches the new core. Even though the tail briefly contacts the adhesive on the new core, the internal strength of the web material is stronger than the adhesive, so the tail simply passes over the new core, continuing its usual route to the finished roll. However, when the partially severed section of the web reaches the new core, the adhesive forces overpower the strength of the tabs and rips them apart. The tail is free to be wound up on the finished roll, while the leading edge of the severed web becomes affixed to the new core. Because the final, complete severance of the web does not occur until the leading edge is pasted against the new core where it can be completely controlled, no-fold-back or wrinkles occur on the initial windings of the new core.

  • Available in “tab-cut” and tabless “static assist” cut/transfer styles
  • Excellent for heavy paperboard products and high quality films and laminations
  • No-Fold transfers to new core
  • Advanced, patented technology


FilmMaster Electrostatic Web Transfer System

FilmMaster Electrostatic Web Transfer System The FilmMaster™ uses an electrostatic or vacuum web transfer system, dependent on the substrate that in combination with a helical knife produces a clean cut and reliable transfer to the new core (PerfectStart). Used in tandem, the FilmMaster and PerfectStart allow the widest range of web materials to be processed with the largest window of tension on either high-speed or low-speed operations. An electrostatic generator emits an ion charge onto the web in order to temporarily bond the material to the surface of the rubber-covered transfer roll. When the knife cuts the web, the tail of the web continues on its normal path to the old finished roll. Because the new leading edge of the web is electrostatically bonded to the rubber-covered transfer roll, it does not slip off but remains there until reaches the new core. At that point, adhesive on the new core peels the new leading edge off of the transfer roll and affixes it to the new core. Thereafter, the web is wound about the new core. As a result, the web is spliced and transferred to the new core without any fold-back or wrinkles.

FilmMaster Continuous Winding System

Winding Equipment FilmMaster Winding Splicing

FilmMaster, No-Fold Winding and Splicing System

FilmMaster is a turretless continuous web winding system that eliminates waste by allowing contact between the winding and lay-on rolls even during transfer to new core. The cantilever shaft with quick release supports simplified roll handling. Multi-motor, high performance Servo drive system insures accuracy and high-speed performance.

  • Excellent for slippery material and in-line slitting
  • Turretless winding, continuous lay-on
  • Turret-less
  • No-Fold transfers to new core
  • Advanced, FilmMaster Transfer System


Single or Dual Position Roll Stand Winder

Single or Dual Position Roll Stand Unwind Machine

Shaftless Floor Pick-Up Unwind

  • Shafted or shaftless
  • Unwind or winder
  • Shifting base option for auto-guiding
  • Unwind tensioning systems available in friction brakes and regenerative drives


Turret Roll Stands

Unwinding Winding Machines Turret Roll Stand

Cantilevered Turret Unwind with Flying Splicer

  • Shafted or shaftless
  • Turret Unwind or Turret Winder
  • Center pivot shaft or space saving “phantom axis” design
  • Shifting base option for auto-guiding
  • Unwind tensioning systems available in friction brakes and regenerative drives
  • Diameters: 610 mm-2290 mm (24″-90″)


Rewind Flying Splicers (Auto-Transfer to Incoming Core)

Unwinding Winding Machines Rewind Flying Splicers

Carriage Style Rewind Flying Splicer

  • Available in single or dual direction
  • Knife configurations: flying knife and patented PerfectStart
  • Splice coordination with unwind splice


Unwind Flying Splicers

Unwinding Winding Machines Unwind Flying Splicers

Carriage Style Unwind Flying Splicer

  • Knife configurations: flying knife for standard materials and anvil cut for thick materials
  • Tail length control
  • Overlap splice