Converting Equipment

Complete coating and laminating converting equipment lines including coating equipment, laminating machines, winding machinery, dryers and control systems.

Faustel is proud to be known as one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of converting equipment. What makes us a superior force in our industry, is our diverse capabilities and custom approach to converting equipment. Faustel’s process expertise and experience extend beyond coating and laminating equipment to encompass the associated tasks of unwinding and rewinding rolls, making splices for a continuous process, drying or curing coatings and adhesives, and precise web handling. Our patented PerfectStart™ fold-free transfer technology eliminates tail fold-back at the incoming core, a leading cause of scrap and is also part of the FilmMaster™ winding system. We know that more sophisticated technology creates less material waste for you, benefitting your budget and the environment, which drives our team to continually innovate. In addition, Faustel manufactures the converting equipment and control systems for all of these functions, tailored to perform successfully in a complete new line or as a retrofit to an existing line. With the entire development process centralized in one location, overseen by a single dedicated team, the end result is a higher standard of quality and reliability.

Basic converting equipment is commonplace. However, not all converting machinery is built to the same level of sophistication. Faustel brings unique, proprietary technology to the table, ensuring that the machinery you purchase optimally suits your application. Whether your needs require a completely new design or a custom retrofitted solution, Faustel is committed to perfecting your process and products.

With a team of engineering and converting professionals, your needs are in good hands. For a closer look at what our team is capable of designing, retrofitting, and improving, we invite you to explore the options below.

To directly inquire about the services provided by Faustel, and how we can take converting equipment to the next level, visit our contact page.