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Converting Industry Experts

Welcome to Faustel: a manufacturer and developer of converting equipment for coating and laminating processes. In collaboration with our customers, we develop custom processes and machinery designed to transform materials like paper, film, foil, and non-wovens into 21st century innovations used in industries ranging from medical to aerospace.

Innovative Company Culture

What makes Faustel unique in the world of converting is our research and development focus, which extends far beyond the expertise and capacity of most converting equipment providers. According to Faustel’s VP of Technical Sales and...
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R&D: Finding a Manufacturing Laboratory

You have an idea for a new product, and you would like to start the product development and testing process, but don’t possess the necessary facilities or expertise yourself. Most startups and entrepreneurs in that situation secure investors and grants to fund their work with an outside laboratory capable of manufacturing and testing their product. However, finding a manufacturing-specific laboratory might be more difficult than you realize. We hope that this blog will help demystify the manufacturing laboratory landscape, and put you on the path towards making the most of your product development...
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Technology Centers are Essential in Custom Converting Machine Development

Purchasing the right equipment for your manufacturing operation can be a big challenge. Equipment that is designed and manufactured overseas is often risky, while going with higher priced or more reputable options may or may not suit your needs exactly despite their quality and operational precision. For truly revolutionary product and process design, custom converting equipment machine development might be the answer you’re looking for. Even the most seasoned engineers and scientists may need some expert help and guidance with machine and process development, a service that not every machine builder can provide....
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Thin Film Coating Process

Thin Film Battery Market will Increase to Over $4670m by 2026

A study by ID TechEx reports that the market for thin film, flexible batteries will increase to over $470m by 2026. Although thin, flexible batteries have commercially existed for more than ten years in skin patches, RFID tags and smart cards; the development of new market categories such as wearable electronics and Internet of Things demand that batteries be micro and malleable. Market changes are expected to drive battery industry technology over the next decade. Current industry solutions include ultra-thin lithium...
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9 Reasons to be Thankful for Manufacturing

A Thanksgiving tradition for many families as they sit down for dinner is the "I'm Thankful for..." as family members take turns expressing thankfulness. In keeping with this holiday tradition — while adding a manufacturing spin — The employees of Faustel thought it important to show that the manufacturing sector is something to be truly thankful for. 1. Manufacturing is the leading contributor to U.S. economic growth. [1] 2. Manufacturers contributed $2.17 trillion to the economy. This figure has steadily risen since 2009 when manufacturers contributed $1.73 trillion. [2] 3. The manufacturing sector accounts for 12.0...
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Advantages of Using Cartridge Coaters for Multiple Coating Methods

In the 2014 Q1 edition of Converting Quarterly Dr. Edward Cohen discusses five advantages for using a cartridge coater to achieve multiple coating methods on a coating line. Because cartridge coaters use multiple coating methods and changeover time is minimal “the best coating method for a given product can be used to improve quality without incurring a cost penalty,” said Cohen.  

1) Allows use of optimum method for each product

When several products are coated with only one method, variables are...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing a Used Roll Coater

  In the 2014 Q1 edition of Converting Quarterly Dr. Edward Cohen discusses the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a used roll coater. “On the surface, it appears to be attractive,” says Cohen, “However, in most situations it is cheaper and more efficient to buy new equipment.”

Advantages of Used Roll Coater

  1. A used roll coater can be purchased at a lower cost.
  2. Used equipment does not need to be fabricated.

Disadvantages of Used Roll Coater

  1. Generally it is not discovered until after the used roll coater is installed that it does not...
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